Lorraine Sheinberg

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Lorraine Sheinberg

"Long before the U.S. began military operations in Afghanistan, Lorraine Sheinberg and the Feminist Majority Foundation were working to draw attention to the repressive policies of the Taliban.

"In 1999, Sheinberg produced “Shroud of Silence,” a 15-minute documentary. Narrated by Marlo Thomas, it chronicles the everyday struggle that was life for women under the Taliban regime. Among the honors for “Shroud of Silence” was the Special Jury Recognition award of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival...

"Sheinberg, a board member of the Feminist Majority Foundation, worked with Mavis Leno and other members of the group to focus public attention on the surge of gender oppression in Afghanistan." [1]

Lorraine is married to producer Sidney Sheinberg. [2]


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