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Colin Andrews recalls that: "Yeva and I first met at Jade Warrior Studio's in Glastonbury, England in 1989 following the publication of my first book 'Circular Evidence'. Yeva worked for the studio where I signed contracts for them to produce the first video about the crop circles 'Undeniable Evidence'. Jade Warrior Studio's became Ark Soundwaves which was owned and run by brothers Malcolm and David Duhig. Yeva and I became immediate friends.

"With the help of her late husband Bernie, she organized and funded some of my worldwide travels to research the crop circles. Yeva was a very strong and powerful woman, she was also a talented artist which she spoke little about. She had amazing charisma and spiritual presence which were matched by her actions. Seen as mother to many.

"We were both on our respective spiritual journeys, growing by each person we met and each country we visited throughout those years. Yeva literally helped me see the world in a wider context and was a critical presence at a critical time for me. She held my hands as she did many others and aligned many souls as we walked the final stretch of a path she knew lead to an important transition - that time has arrived for humanity and Yeva fulfilled her role reaching the transition doors with those of us here today...

"Yeva accompanied me to meet Shaman and aborigines across Australia, including in the outback. We flew to all the major cities where I was taking part in numerous television programs which included 'The Ray Martin Show on ABC in their Sydney studios.

"Flying out of Australia we flew directly into San Francisco where she accompanied me to a press conference with Russian Cosmonaut Marina Popovitch. Afterwards I spoke at the USSR - USA UFO symposium in Berkley, which Yeva had a big hand. Many other countries followed and as ever Yeva was there, even trekking mountains on Canada's west coast.

"Yeva was with me when I returned to the USA to deliver a lecture at the Branford Theatre, an event organized by Synthia Ramsby in Branford, Connecticut - the woman I married and where I now live. Yeva and Synthia spoke the same language and shared many interests. The trio laughed our way across crop circle fields and ancient sites, learning and loving was the key.

"Yeva has been an administrator and darned good one, a financial backer of projects but most of all an inspiration and good friend to many more than myself.

"You could always be guaranteed of diverse gatherings at Yeva's home - that to say the least. You could expect anything from drums and chanting, to serious scientific discussions. The group photograph below and taken at her home during one of my frequent visits was typical of the gatherings. We introduced Yeva to our friends Tlakaelel and his interpreter Bert Gunn, who permitted me to post their own message below." (Legend for picture: "Left to Right. David Emery: Top British Athlete and Olympic Gold medal holder, British team captain. Nancy Talbott, UFO and crop circle researcher. David Icke, Soccer star, BBC Television presenter and visionary. Yeva our host. Colin Andrews. Scott Jones: Extensive involvement in UFO and Paranormal research and worked for Senator Claiborne Pell, Briefed President Clinton's science advisor etc." [1]


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