Lynthia Gibson-Price

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Lynthia Gibson-Price !is the Administrator of the Washington Office of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Policy Center. Working with the Washington Office Director, Gibson-Price oversees the administrative management issues for the OSI-DC and OSPC. She joined the Open Society Washington Office in January 2002.

"Prior to OSI, Gibson-Price worked as the Administrative Officer of the Department of Health & Human Services in Arlington (VA) County. She has also served as the Business Director of the Psychiatric Division of the University of Maryland Medical Center; the Director of Administration for Catholic Charities; and Special Assistant to the Director, Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Transportation and Director of Administration for the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

"She holds a degree in Health Care Management from the University of Maryland, and has completed graduate level coursework in not-for-profit management at the University of Maryland." [1]