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MAX World News is a Florida-based company that produces video news releases and b-roll for television networks. Its slogan is "You report. We deliver." [1]

"You May Not Be Aware" You Are Watching Max's 'News'

"When it comes to producing compelling news stories, our award winning, nationwide network of seasoned television professionals create the impact to get the job done. We have aired stories on every major television network in the United States including, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN and CNBC among others and have been seen in over 210 countries around the world," states the MAX World News website. [2]

"We have successfully covered stories on Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. We have done a news promotion for one of the most successful summer movies of all time and have even opened the Nasdaq Stock Market. MAX World News has personal relationships with health, technology, and consumer interest editors, producers and reporters at every major network in the United States. MAX World News communicates directly with stations to effectively cover breaking news and plan newscasts around observances, seasonal topics and current events," it boasts. [3]

"Every day there are hundreds of newsworthy stories that go untold due to limited resources at local television stations," it states. "Television media outlets rely on our news feeds to include news that they otherwise couldn't have."

"Networks will either drop the edited newscast seamlessly into their broadcast or re-produce and broadcast it from the provided b-roll and SOT. You may not be aware, but you regularly view several of our news feeds every time you watch the news," it states on its website.

A Helping Hand For Stations

The MAX World News website features a special portal for news stations. "You must be a producer or reporter from a station with an exclusive agreement with MAX World News to access this information," it states. Stations keen for a feed from MAX World News need to contact the station "to find out how your station can have advance notification to upcoming feeds." [4]

Some television news reporters are so keen on MAX World News that the company's website features their endorsement. "MAX World News not only provides excellent stories on a variety of health topics, but also provides support which is first rate. If ever I have a follow up question, someone is always available to address it and provide as much information as is needed. Their work and their service is EXCELLENT," states Dilva Henry, a health reporter/producer with KCAL-9 in Los Angeles. [5]

Henry is not alone in her enthusiasm for MAX World News' work. The company's website also includes a testimonial from Joseph Williams, a reporter with KTRK-13: "The medical reports from MAX World News are timely and well produced. And we count on MAX World News to help us satisfy our audience's huge appetite for the latest in health news." [6] Cary Hernandez, a "news producer" from an unspecified source is equally enthusiastic about MAX World News: "Just When you can't find anything on the wire...MAX World News comes to the rescue." [7]


A guide to PR services lists Max World News clients as including [8]:


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