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Marc Ian Barasch "is an award-winning writer, editor, and television producer. He has been an editor at Psychology Today, Natural Health, and New Age Journal (where his emphasis on leading-edge coverage of political and cultural issues won a National Magazine Award). He has been short-listed twice for the PEN Literary Award.

"His last book, Healing Dreams (Riverhead, PenguinPutnam, 2000), was hailed by the Washington Post as “lucid…courageous...trailblazing.” It won the Nautilus Award for Best Psychology Title 2001.

"His previous book, Remarkable Recovery (Riverhead/Putnam, 1995, with Caryle Hirshberg), a study of spontaneous remission, was a national bestseller and a Literary Guild Main Selection. It was translated into a dozen languages, was the subject of a full-length feature in Newsweek, and continues to be used in medical schools, hospitals, and healing centers worldwide...

"In the television field, Marc was the writer and co-producer of the Emmy-nominated "One Child, One Voice" an international TV special for the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), which aired in 150 countries. ( TBS received over a million pieces of mail from around the world in response to the show’s call for global solutions to ecological and social problems. It won the Population Institute’s Global Media Award, a Silver Hugo, and numerous others. He has produced and written television specials for England’s Channel Four and the Discovery Channel...

"Marc was educated at Yale University. He has taught at Naropa University, where he was one of the founders of the M.A. psychology program. As a hobby, he plays and records with the “lit-rock” band The Rock Bottom Remainders (Stephen King, Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, et. al.). Interview magazine once called him “one of today’s coolest grown-ups.” He is a member of the National Arts Club. Marc lives in the Colorado Rockies." [1]

Marc Ian Barasch is the former editor-in-chief of New Age Journal (1983-85), where he turned a small health food store magazine with an audience of 10,000 into a successful mainstream glossy with 200,000-plus readers. [1]

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