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Marcel Arsenault, "Chairman, CEO and founder of Colorado & Santa Fe and co-founder of the Secure World Foundation, has purchased and managed real estate investments for over 20 years. Mr. Arsenault actively participated in the acquisition, analysis, and successful redevelopment of more than 100 commercial buildings comprising nearly five million square feet, making him one of the largest and most active non-institutional owners of commercial real estate in Colorado. His primary philosophy focuses on enhancing cash flow and retaining properties as long-term investments. Mr. Arsenault is also President and founder of One Earth Future, an operating foundation dedicated to using new and effective systems of global governance to achieve an Earth beyond war.

"At Colorado & Santa Fe, Mr. Arsenault has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to realistically acquire, plan and execute the company's major "turnaround" projects. His considerable entrepreneurial experience has enabled him to build a strong team and direct a rapidly growing company.

"In recent years, Mr. Arsenault has engaged in venture capital real estate. He has assisted entrepreneurs to implement their plans to add value to real estate. For example, he has provided capital to several entrepreneurs enabling them to develop $100 million of condo projects involving over 1,000 units.

"Mr. Arsenault maintains a personal portfolio exceeding $200 million in commercial real estate assets. He has been a finalist for the Denver Business Journal's "Entrepreneur of the Year", is included in "Who's Who of Commercial Real Estate," has lectured at the University of Colorado, and has delivered numerous addresses to various real estate organizations. He is also a contributing author of How to Build a Real Estate Empire. Prior to Colorado & Santa Fe, Mr. Arsenault founded and eventually sold Mountain High Yoghurt as a national brand to Beatrice Foods (acquired by ConAgra in 1990).

"Mr. Arsenault holds a B.S. degree from McGill University. In 1968, he pursued a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Colorado. In 1971, Mr. Arsenault left his teaching and research duties at the University of Colorado to found Mountain High Yoghurt." [1]

Marcel Arsenault is One Earth Future’s "Chairman and Founder. He provides the driving vision for the foundation, and ensures that OEF continues to move in the appropriate direction. Together with his wife Cynda, Marcel founded two other foundations during the past decade: the Arsenault Family Foundation, a grant making foundation, and the Secure World Foundation, which is dedicated to the secure and sustainable use of space...

"Beyond the business world, Marcel served as a board member for the Metropolitan Association for Retarded Citizens (MARC) for five years, during which time he brought MARC back from the brink of disaster and helped its thrift store chain double its profits. His achievements and vision have won him numerous awards including the “Conservationist Award” for his participation in several open space projects in Boulder, Colorado and the distinguished “Steven B. Hart” award from the Colorado Historical Society for saving and restoring the Tabor residence and the Tabor Grand Hotel in Leadville.

"Marcel was also an early board member and Vice Chair of Ecocycle Boulder, one of the earliest and largest non-profit recycling organizations in the United States. Marcel helped Ecocycle formulate business plans and obtain crucial grants, and kept it afloat during a downturn in the paper market."[2]

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