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Mark Elam is President of Campaign Resources, Inc., a "Texas-based political resource firm and M&M Graphics and Advertising, a company specializing in printing, advertising, graphic design and direct mail." [1]

Note that both Campaign Resources and M&M Graphics links were last updated February 25, 2005. The websites are no longer active. Archived links can be accessed here and here. See Campaign Resources archived client list here.

Elam's son, Chris Elam (Bio), "interned for Congressman Tom DeLay while in high school and is also the Vice President for his father’s political resource firm, Campaign Resources, which lists DeLay as an erstwhile client." [2]

Elam is a registered lobbyist (2006-2007) for Honeywell Inc.. [3]

Elam is a "veteran Republican political consultant with 20 years of experience in helping conservative candidates get elected," his archived Campaign Resources profile states. "A graduate of Texas A&M University with a BA in Political Science, Elam served on the campaigns and legislative staffs of Texas Republicans Ron Paul and Phil Gramm. Elam currently serves as the campaign manager and consultant for Congressman Paul and directed his historic victory in 1996 over party-switching incumbent Greg Laughlin. Elam was one of the founders of the Young Conservatives of Texas, serving as their communications director and editor and publisher of YCT's statewide political journal TEXAS FORUM."

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