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Mark Gerzon "specializes in bringing together conflicting groups, troubled communities and fragmented organizations. He has worked extensively with public and private sector leaders both in the United States and abroad. He recently facilitated a meeting including representatives of the World Economic Forum, World Social Forum and the major multilateral institutions (World Bank, IMF, WTO), which developed ground rules and built trust toward public debates between these organizations. Gerzon's approach to leadership is grounded in years of research and writing in this field. His forthcoming book LEADERS BEYOND BORDERS: The Global Leadership Revolution is a synthesis of his current thinking about the kind of leaders needed in today's more global, complex world. His most recent book publication is A House Divided (Tarcher/ Putnam: 1996). A graduate of Harvard College, he currently lives with his wife, educator Rachael Kessler, in Boulder, Colorado. They have three grown sons and two grandsons." [1]

"The author of numerous books, including Leading Through Conflict (Harvard Business School Press), he is currently serving as UN advisor on leadership in conflict-torn countries in Africa and Asia.

"As President of Mediators Foundation, which he founded over twenty years ago, Mark is working closely with several projects that also advance the field of global citizenship. He is currently the director of the Conflict Transformation Collaborative, a network of peace-builders that seeks to mobilize and link this community worldwide to shift the paradigm from military power to nonviolent conflict transformation.

"He is currently designing an interactive, awareness-raising workshop ‘The Global Citizen Journey’ based on his most recent book, Global Citizens (Ebury Press: London). The Journey is a rite of passage designed to shift participants' identities from narrower, more parochial perspectives (national, religious, ethnic, etc.) to a wider, more integral worldview." [2]


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