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Mark Langdale, the U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica since October 24, 2005[1], was choosen by President George W. Bush to run the presidential library being planned at Southern Methodist University, starting January 1, 2008. They are former neighbors in Texas. The Dallas Morning News writes that Landadle will be "overseeing daily operations, hiring staff, managing construction and coordinating with the National Archives.

"He and Mr. Bush met more than two decades ago when they lived near each other in Dallas. The president called him a "good friend" and said his experience in business and real estate development will prepare him for the complexity of the project – an archive, museum and policy institute whose price tag by some estimates could reach $500 million." [2]

Langdale, "a frequent contributor to GOP-causes and candidates," was confirmed for the ambassador post by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and then by the "full Senate on a voice vote Friday," October 7, 2005. "While governor of Texas, Bush had appointed Langdale to the board of the state's Department of Economic Development." [1]

Hotel investor
Langdale is president of Posadas USA, "a fully integrated hotel company headquartered in Mexico City offering development, construction, management and financing services. Posadas, the largest hotel management company in Latin America, has 10,500 hotel rooms in operation in Mexico, Venezuela and the United States and is publicly traded in the Mexican stock market.

"In addition, he is managing general partner for a partnership that owns and develops hotels and recreational facilities in the United States." [2]

Good for business: Langdale, Texas and the GOP
"Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the appointment makes a Texan ambassador to a key trading partner for the US. ... Costa Rica is one of six countries participating in the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement." [3]

Campaign contributions

  • In 2000, Mark Langdale was pledged to raise $100,000 for George W. Bush's presidential campaign, which would have gained him the status of a Bush Pioneer. He is not listed for 2004. --
  • FundRace 2004 reports that members of the Langdale family in Dallas and Houston, Texas, and Valdosta, Georgia, donated $26,500 to the Republican National Committee (RNC) and $7,000 to George W. Bush in 2004:
  • Mr. Mark Langdale, Hotel Investor, Posadas U.S.A., donated $25,000 to the RNC.
  • Mrs. Bedelle S. Langdale, Retired, donated $2,500 to George W. Bush.
  • Mrs. Patty Langdale, Homemaker, donated $2,000 to George W. Bush.
  • Mr. William P. Langdale, Jr., donated $1,500 to the RNC.
  • Mr. Mark Langdale, Hotel Investor, Posadas U.S.A., donated $1,500 to George W. Bush.
  • Mr. John W. Langdale, Jr., President, Langdale Industries, donated $1,000 to George W. Bush.
  • NewsMeat confirms that Mark Langdale contributed $25,000 on December 31, 2003, to the RNC, and $1,500 to George W. Bush on June 3, 2003, for the Primary (Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.).

Texas Economic Development Governing Board

Mark Langdale was appointed in September 1997 by Governor George W. Bush as a member of the Governing Board of the Texas Economic Development.

Langdale is "a managing director of Caprock Communications, which develops and operates fiber optic telecommunications trunk lines in Texas and the Southwest."

Note: Caprock merged with McLeodUSA Incorporated in October 2000:

"The stock-for-stock transaction, which includes approximately $197 million in equity and net assumed debt of $335 million, extends the McLeodUSA geography to four new states and adds 5,200 route miles of fiber optic network. The combined company will provide integrated communication services to 25 states and advanced data services to all 50 states. This acquisition adds Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma to the McLeodUSA footprint for CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) services, as well as 12 voice switches and 17 data switches. CapRock will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of McLeodUSA Incorporated and will operate under the McLeodUSA name."

"Langdale has also served as vice president of Thompson Realty Company with oversight responsibilities for a $200 million real estate investment portfolio including hotels, apartments, industrial and office buildings, and he has also been a real estate attorney in private practice.

"Chairman of the Dallas Chapter of the Young President’s Organization, Mr. Langdale earned his law degree at the University of Houston and a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Texas. He and his wife, Patty, have two children, Paul and Olivia."


  • Ex Officio Member, Texas Department of Commerce (1996-97) [4]


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