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Mark Textor is one of the principals in Crosby/Textor, the Australian affiliate of the U.S. Republican opinion polling company Wirthlin Worldwide.

Textor advised the British Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, in the run up to the May 2005 general election.[1]

In August 2005 he was working for the conservative New Zealand National Party ahead of its September 2005 election. [2]

Textor is a pollster for the conservative Liberal Party of Australia, In a Guardian article last year Textor was described as an "unashamed promoter of wedge politics...putting anti-Aboriginal sentiment into the mainstream of Northern Territory politics at a time when the former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was still running a chip shop in southern Queensland".

"In the 2001 elections it was Textor's polling advice that crystallised Howard's decision to run a xenophobic scare campaign based on fear of immigrants and terrorism." [3]

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