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Martin C. Faga "served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit systems engineering firm, from 2000 to 2006, and has been a member of the Board of Trustees of MITRE since 2000. Before joing MITRE in 1993, Mr. Faga served in the U.S. Department of Defense as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space and simultaneously as Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. He is also a director of Electronic Data Systems Corporation and GeoEye, Inc." [1]


It is not possible to understand the appointment of Martin C. Faga, without understanding the history of space satellites and nucelar weapon technology.

Martin C. Faga was appointed by the 1st Bush administration as the director of the National Reconaissance Office (NRO). The NRO, an Agency of the Department of Defense, was first proposed during the Eisenhower administration for the "interpretation" and "utilization" of reconnaisance data from space satellites, in l962.

Curiously, the first "Telstar" satellite was actually a joint venture of the French Government and the British Postal Service. According to AT&T, the communcation hardware for the Telstar satellite system was created by AT&T which may partially explain why Barksdale is also an advisor on this team. Barskdale is the old CEO of AT&T as well as Federal Express. The existence of NRO and its role in designing, building and operating all US Satellite and space resources, was classified as "TOP SECRET", until 1992.

One of the founding consultants of the NRO was Dr. George B. Kistiakowsky, a nuclear chemist from the Eastern Bloc, who was also a primary consultant on the Manhattan Project and the development of Nuclear Weapons. In fact, the "Bush/NRO" connection is a long standing tradition. In 1941, Dr. Kistiakowsky was a primary physicist for he Manhattan Project at the same time as Prescott Bush.

Prescott Bush was appointed by Eisenhower to the Manhattan Project to act as US Laison with the UK. Prescott Bush's primary duties on the Manhattan Project were to assist the US in acquistion of Uranium and fission technology from the British who held the exclusive patent rights. Bush was also to coordinate and resolve/compensate British firms regarding pre-existing British priority in Atomic patent and copyright issues in Uranium Mining, Manufacturing Technology and Atomic Physics.

Prescott Bush was integral to the success of the Manhattan Project which was actually a joint venture between two of the worlds largest and oldest commercial powerhouses of the "Electrical/Energy" industry, Westinghouse and General Electric. Westinghouse had come under control of virtually all of "Tesla's" electrical, communication and weapons patents in the UK, during the late 1890s while General Electric controlled virtually all of "Edisons" electrical, media, weapons and communications patents. Westinghouse and General Electric have been the primary nuclear contractors for the Pentagon, ever since.

For all practical purposes, the Manhattan Project was a convenient "shorthand" name for the project spearheaded by the US Army Corps of Engineers, whose headquarters were in Manhattan, NY where most of the administration planning for the Atom bomb took place. In fact, the US Army Corps of Engineers actuallly built, managed and operated the actual Ports of New York and New Jersey and actively managed both Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has responsibility for the development of all satellite, communications, space weapons, rockets, and nuclear warheads, Space Technology including space rockets. The US Army Corps virtually built all NASA facilities in Florida and Texas as well as all of the Shuttles, including the Columbia and the Enterprise. Eventually, all satellite launches and management came under it's authority. Today, most of the contracting work of the U S Army Corps of Engineers has been subsumed by Halliburton as well as Kellogg, Brown & Root.

After Faga retired from the NRO, he became the President and CEO of the MITRE Corp. The Mitre Corp was a Top 100 Federal Pentagon Contractor in 2004. Mitre is the Pentagon's primary contractor for all US Air Force and Space contracts. According to the Center For Public Integrity web site, Mitre has secured over $2.5 Billion in Defense Contracts from 1998-2003.

According to the web site for "Center For Land Use Interpretation", "Mitre was a private company formed in l958 to take over the "SAGE" project. "SAGE was the first nationwide automatic warning and defense system, a program which at the time constituted the largest military R&D outlay since the Manhattan Project."

"Though SAGE was obsolete by the time it was operational (it was built to detect aircraft, which were replaced by ballistic missiles), it provided the framework for a widespread communications and intelligence industry infrastructure,..."

"MITRE now employs around 3,500 people at its Bedford headquarters, and has 54 other locations, including in the vicinity of the national intelligence organizations such as the NSA and CIA, which along with the armed services, FAA and the IRS, are the primary users of MITRE technologies and services. The name "MITRE" comes from an acronym for "MIT Research and Engineering."

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