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Baron Rees of Ludlow wiki president of The Royal Society . CV

He gave the 2008 Aurelio Peccei Lecture.


  • Cosmic Coincidences: Dark Matter, Mankind, and Anthropic Cosmology (coauthor John Gribbin), 1989, Bantam
  • New Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology, 1995
  • Gravity's Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the Universe, 1995
  • Before the Beginning - Our Universe and Others, 1997
  • Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe, 2000
  • Our Cosmic Habitat, 2001
  • Our Final Hour: A Scientist's Warning: How Terror, Error, and Environmental Disaster Threaten Humankind's Future In This Century—On Earth and Beyond (UK title: Our Final Century: Will the Human Race Survive the Twenty-first Century?), 2003

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