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'Mass Public Opinion Institute set up in 1999

"The institute's mission is to inform policy makers on how citizens feel on the various issues of the day. The hope is that public opinion surveys can be a permanent feature in the conduct of public affairs in Zimbabwe. The institute is inspired by the vision that "good governance" prospers where policy makers are informed by public opinion and that a "culture of fear" declines when citizens are constantly asked to express their views on issues of concern to them." [1]


In 2006 they received a grant from the NED "To provide public opinion data on economic conditions to the Zimbabwean public. MPOI will conduct a public opinion survey to determine the attitude of Zimbabweans towards the economic recession and the purported economic "turnaround". It will also attempt to catalogue the survival strategies that have developed during the economic collapse, such as illegal and legal immigration, crime, corruption, prostitution, and child labor." [2]


Accessed April 2008: [3]

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