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Biographical Information

Maureen Kennedy Salaman (April 4, 1936 - August 17, 2006)

"In 1957, she married Gerard Morton and they had two children together, first a son, Sean, and then a daughter, Colleen. The marriage did not last, though, and the two divorced. After several years, Maureen remarried – this time to Frank Salaman and, before long, they were both involved in laetrile sales that also led to legal challenges from the authorities and Maureen’s first real exposure to the health-freedom movement... Maureen authored many much-sought-after books, several of which were award-winning bestsellers – Foods That Heal, The Diet Bible, Nutrition: The Cancer Answer, The Light at the End of the Refrigerator-Foods That Heal Companion Cookbook, Nutrition: The Cancer Answer II, All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally, and How To Renew You, as well as numerous booklets such as Achieving Super Immunity, Preventing and Conquering Diabetes, and The Renew You Diet. It was not without reason that Maureen became known as the First Lady of Nutrition...

"But Maureen did not just write books, she also wrote articles and columns – and she edited magazines such as Health Freedom News. Health Freedom News was always Maureen’s baby, since she helped launch it in 1982. But not many people know that, prior to that, she had been founder and Assistant Editor for NHF’s predecessor magazine, Public Scrutiny; and she helped use that magazine to promote health-freedom causes.

"At one time a columnist for Bestways, a national health magazine, Maureen even contributed articles on health to the National Enquirer so as to reach the broadest audience possible...

"Maureen was first elected NHF president in 1982, and she served in that capacity – with a few exceptions – until her death this year. She stepped down to become NHF vice president on a couple of occasions so as to allow Hans Kugler and Jonathan Wright to assume the NHF lead mantle, but others urged her to resume the presidency and she did...

"Besides her prolific writing and speaking, Maureen took the time to be heavily involved in two businesses – one was her book-publishing business, MKS, Inc.; and the other was as spokeswoman for Maximum Living, Inc., a dietary-supplement business that sold the kind of nutrients in which she could believe...

"In 1984, she was the vice presidential candidate for the Populist Party, a party that she had helped to found...

"Perhaps it started almost seven years ago when her beloved husband, Dr. Ross Gordon, died too early in life and left a gaping hole in her heart. There is no question that Maureen missed him utterly; and she threw herself even more into her work, her speaking, her health-freedom work, her charities, and her social life in an effort to forget that pain. Her strong and deep-seated Christian faith also sustained her." [1]



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