Mauricio Antônio Lopes

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Mauricio Antônio Lopes

"Mauricio Antônio Lopes is currently Head of Labex-Korea, a partnership between the Brazilian Agricultural Research CorporationEmbrapa and the Rural Development Administration of South Korea – RDA. A plant geneticist, he received his degrees from the Federal University of Vicosa (B.Sc.), Purdue University (M.Sc.) and University of Arizona (Ph.D.). Working with Embrapa since 1986, he has been leader of the Maize Breeding Program (1993-1995) Head of R&D of the Maize and Sorghum Center (1995-1999) Head of the R&D Department (2000-2003) and Head of R&D of the Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Center (2004-2007). From April 2007 to October 2008 he was visiting scientist at FAO Headquarters, in Rome, supporting [the Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building (GIPB)]. His main task was to set up and facilitate the stakeholder consultation process to formulate the organizational and implementation framework for the GIPB Initiative, an effort that resulted in the first Business Plan of GIPB for the period 2009-2013. He participated actively in the discussion of propositions and recommendations for longer-term strategies, outputs, outcomes and priority activities to be pursued by the GIPB as well as in the definition of the organization and management of the initiative. He also contributed to the design and launching of the first version of the GIPB Knowledge Resource Centre, and to diverse activities related to capacity building, dissemination and sharing of information among GIPB partners, in special breeders in developing country programs."[1]

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