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Maverick PAC is comprised of what the group terms "next-generation" Republicans fronted by George P. Bush. They target young Republicans under the age of 45 who "commit their time, talents, and money to promote conservative principles of personal and fiscal responsibility in public service, and they have had an impressive impact in leadership capacities for many local, state, and federal races." [1]

They do not fund primary races. They work around general elections. The group is also split into regional sub-chapters in Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.


George P. Bush - National Co-Chair

Jay Zeidman - National Co-Chair

Pasha Moore - Executive Director

Murray Van Eman - Treasurer

Walker Moody - Chairman, Campaign for MavPAC

Malachi O. Boyuls - Chairman, Candidates Selection Committee

John Athon - Vice Chariman, Candidates Selection Committee

Paul Dickerson -General Counsel

PAC Recipients

There is only a limited history of their giving:[1]

The group itself lists old-school heavy hitters and old-guard-friendly candidates on their 2012 list: [2]


Gutierrez, Bayliss, back with new Maverick PAC - Orlando Sun Sentinel, 8/2011



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