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Maxworldwide, Inc. (Formerly known as L90, Inc.) is a media group whose "principal activities are to provide marketing services for advertiser and web publishers." [1]

In 2002, MaxWorldwide named Peter Sealey as chief strategy officer. Sealey is the former head of marketing for Coca-Cola and Columbia Pictures, and founder and CEO of Los Altos Group Inc., a Silicon Valley consulting firm specializing in business and marketing strategy. [2]


"L90 Inc. has purchased DoubleClick's North American Media business for $9.4 million in cash and stock, and possible an additional $6 million if certain performance conditions are met. When the deal closes early this month, L90 will change its name to MaxWorldwide and move its headquarters from Los Angeles to New York. The transaction will allow DoubleClick to focus on its technology and data marketing products and services. Senior members of DoubleClick Media's management team will join MaxWorldwide." [3]



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