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The "McKell Institute" is a progressive public policy institute dedicated to developing practical policy ideas and contributing to public debate, with an emphasis on NSW.

The McKell Institute takes its name from New South Wales wartime Premier and Governor–General of Australia, William McKell. William McKell made a powerful contribution to both New South Wales and Australian society through progressive social, economic and environmental reforms.

Their agenda includes a mix of pro-growth, progressive and public standards and infrastructure policies. Their agenda clearly supports a mixed exonomy dominated by growth and private enterprise, but with calls for housing affordability, dental support, climate change control by moving to a low carbon economy, environmental protection

Executive and Board

The complete board is not listed on the website.

Chair:The Hon |John Watkins, a former Labor MP and Deputy Premier for NSW
Executive Director: | Peter Bentley, also a former Labor Party official, former Research Director in Marketing and former Australian Government political policy adviser.

Research and reports

The McKell Institute has published a series of reports including on Productivity, Housing, Strategic direction of NSW for 20 years from 2012, Telework, the state of the State of NSW, Skills Development, the Asian Century, the Australian Economy and Australia's Energy Future. [1]

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