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==Notes and links==
A useful reference is the code in

==Tooltips and access keys==
<pre><nowiki> */

ta = new Object();
ta['pt-userpage'] = new Array('.','My user page');
ta['pt-anonuserpage'] = new Array('.','The user page for the ip you\'re editing as');
ta['pt-mytalk'] = new Array('n','My talk page');
ta['pt-anontalk'] = new Array('n','Discussion about edits from this ip address');
ta['pt-preferences'] = new Array('','My preferences');
ta['pt-watchlist'] = new Array('l','The list of pages you\'re monitoring for changes.');
ta['pt-mycontris'] = new Array('y','List of my contributions');
ta['pt-login'] = new Array('o','You are not required to log in - however, you must log in to edit.'); 
ta['pt-anonlogin'] = new Array('o','You are encouraged to log in, it is not mandatory however.');
ta['pt-logout'] = new Array('o','Log out');
ta['ca-talk'] = new Array('t','Discussion about the content page');
ta['ca-edit'] = new Array('e','You can edit this page. Please use the preview button before saving.');
ta['ca-addsection'] = new Array('+','Add a comment to this discussion.');
ta['ca-viewsource'] = new Array('e','This page is protected. You can view its source.');
ta['ca-history'] = new Array('h','Past versions of this page.');
ta['ca-protect'] = new Array('=','Protect this page');
ta['ca-delete'] = new Array('d','Delete this page');
ta['ca-undelete'] = new Array('d','Restore the edits done to this page before it was deleted');
ta['ca-move'] = new Array('m','Move this page');
ta['ca-nomove'] = new Array('','You don\'t have the permissions to move this page');
ta['ca-watch'] = new Array('w','Add this page to your watchlist');
ta['ca-unwatch'] = new Array('w','Remove this page from your watchlist');
ta['search'] = new Array('f','Search this wiki');
ta['p-logo'] = new Array('','Main Page');
ta['n-mainpage'] = new Array('z','Visit the Main Page');
ta['n-portal'] = new Array('','About the project, what you can do, where to find things');
ta['n-currentevents'] = new Array('','Find background information on current events');
ta['n-recentchanges'] = new Array('r','The list of recent changes in the wiki.');
ta['n-randompage'] = new Array('x','Load a random page');
ta['n-help'] = new Array('','The place to find out.');
ta['n-sitesupport'] = new Array('','Support us');
ta['t-whatlinkshere'] = new Array('j','List of all wiki pages that link here');
ta['t-recentchangeslinked'] = new Array('k','Recent changes in pages linked from this page');
ta['feed-rss'] = new Array('','RSS feed for this page');
ta['feed-atom'] = new Array('','Atom feed for this page');
ta['t-contributions'] = new Array('','View the list of contributions of this user');
ta['t-emailuser'] = new Array('','Send a mail to this user');
ta['t-upload'] = new Array('u','Upload images or media files');
ta['t-specialpages'] = new Array('q','List of all special pages');
ta['ca-nstab-main'] = new Array('c','View the content page');
ta['ca-nstab-user'] = new Array('c','View the user page');
ta['ca-nstab-media'] = new Array('c','View the media page');
ta['ca-nstab-special'] = new Array('','This is a special page, you can\'t edit the page itself.');
ta['ca-nstab-wp'] = new Array('a','View the project page');
ta['ca-nstab-image'] = new Array('c','View the image page');
ta['ca-nstab-mediawiki'] = new Array('c','View the system message');
ta['ca-nstab-template'] = new Array('c','View the template');
ta['ca-nstab-help'] = new Array('c','View the help page');
ta['ca-nstab-category'] = new Array('c','View the category page');

/* </nowiki></pre>
==Collapsible section support==
<pre><nowiki> */


/* Hook function for onload.
   Added by User:Neoconned 26 Oct 06.
   Adds support for up to 5 collapsible sections in each page.
   Contributors can create these via Template:CollapsibleSectionLead
   and Template:CollapsibleSectionBody.
   Manually numbering them in this way is clumsy but the best solution for
   now, given the lack of a getElementByClass method in the DOM.
function createCollapsibleSectionLinks() {

/* Adds a toggle visibility link to parentDivId, which toggles the
   visibility of divToToggleId.
   Added by User:Neoconned 26 Oct 06.
   Adapted from
function addToggleDivLink(parentDivId,divToToggleId,toggleLinkId) {
	if (document.createTextNode) {
		// Uses DOM calls to avoid document.write + XHTML issues

		var linkHolder = document.getElementById(parentDivId)
		if (!linkHolder)

		var outerSpan = document.createElement('span');
		outerSpan.className = 'toctoggle';

		var toggleLink = document.createElement('a'); = toggleLinkId;
		toggleLink.className = 'internal';
		toggleLink.href = 'javascript:toggleAnyDiv(\'' + divToToggleId + '\')';
		toggleLink.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Click to view/hide'));


		linkHolder.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' '));

/* Function to toggle visibility of an arbitrary div.
   Added by User:Neoconned 26 Oct 06.
   Source: page 150. */
function toggleAnyDiv(targetId) {
	if (document.getElementById)
		target = document.getElementById(targetId);

		if ( == "none")
		{ = "block";
		{ = "none";

/* </nowiki></pre>
<pre><nowiki> */

var kananaCheckboxes = new Array();
var kananaCodes = new Array();

var kananaItems = new Array();
var kananaItemCodes = new Array();

/* Hook function for onload.
   Added by User:Neoconned 27 Oct 06.
   Tests for the presence of a 'magic DIV' to determine whether to use
   Kanana on this page or not. The only overhead for non-Kanana pages is
   this test.
function kananaTestIfEnabled() {
	if (document.getElementById)
		target = document.getElementById('kananaOn');
		if (target)

function kananaInitialize()
	var spans = document.getElementsByTagName("span");
	var noOfSpans = spans.length;
	for (i = 0; i < noOfSpans; i++)
		if ( spans[i].id.indexOf('kananaCheckbox') != -1)
			kananaInitializeCheckbox( spans[i] );

	var divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
	var noOfDivs = divs.length;
	for (i = 0; i < noOfDivs; i++)
		if ( divs[i].id.indexOf('kananaItem') != -1)
			kananaInitializeItem( divs[i] );

function kananaInitializeCheckbox(checkboxContainer)
	var cb = document.createElement("input");
	cb.type = "checkbox"; // set type
	cb.checked = cb.defaultChecked = false;
	cb.onclick = kananaRefresh;

	var iCheckboxCount = kananaCheckboxes.length;

	kananaCheckboxes[iCheckboxCount] = cb;

	var startIdx = "kananaCheckbox_".length;
	var endIdx =;
	kananaCodes[iCheckboxCount] =,endIdx);

	// Temp feature for debugging - display codes next
	// to their associated checkboxes
	var temp = kananaCodes[iCheckboxCount];
	checkboxContainer.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' '));
	checkboxContainer.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' '));

function kananaInitializeItem(itemDiv)
	var iItemCount = kananaItems.length;
	kananaItems[iItemCount] = itemDiv;

	var startIdx = "kananaItem_".length;
	var endIdx =;
        var sRHS =,endIdx);

	var secondUnderscoreIndex = sRHS.indexOf("_");
	startIdx = secondUnderscoreIndex+1;
        endIdx = sRHS.length;

	kananaItemCodes[iItemCount] =
	  ":" + sRHS.substring(startIdx,endIdx) + ":";

	// Trace out extracted code for debugging purposes
	// var temp = "***" + kananaItemCodes[iItemCount] + "***";
	// itemDiv.appendChild(document.createTextNode(temp));

/* Update which categories of information are displayed on the page
   when the reader changes the selected categories. */
function kananaRefresh()
	var selectedCodes = new Array();

	// Determine which item codes are enabled
	for (i=0; i<kananaCheckboxes.length; i++)
		var cb = kananaCheckboxes[i];
		if (cb.checked)
			var nextIdx = selectedCodes.length;

			// To save time, bracket the code with colons here
			selectedCodes[nextIdx] = ":" + kananaCodes[i] + ":";

	// Now run through the items and ensure only those ones that
	// match the selected codes are visible

	for (i=0; i<kananaItems.length; i++)
		var itemCodes = kananaItemCodes[i];

		var bDisplayItem = true;
		for (j=0; ((j<selectedCodes.length) && bDisplayItem); j++)
			if (itemCodes.indexOf(selectedCodes[j])==-1)
				bDisplayItem = false;

				// Debugging code
				// var sErr = itemCodes + " doesn't contain " +
				//	selectedCodes[j];
				// alert(sErr);

		var div = kananaItems[i];
		if (bDisplayItem) = "block";
		else = "none";

/* </nowiki></pre>
==Handler for when user saves edits to an article==
<pre><nowiki> */

function initializeOnSaveArticleHandler()
    // TEMPORARY - check window title while testing this code
    // and only do anything if it's the sandbox or a sample CP page
    // var wt = document.title;
    // if ((wt.indexOf('Sandbox')==-1) && (wt.indexOf('Mitch McCon')==-1))
    // {
    //     return;
    // }

    if(!/&action=edit/.test(window.location.href) && !/&action=submit/.test(window.location.href)) return;
    if(/&section=new/.test(window.location.href)) return;
    if(!document.forms.editform) return;
    document.forms.editform.wpSave.onclick = onSaveArticleHandler;

    // Initialize the edit summary validation code.

    // Initialize the reference quality control code.

function onSaveArticleHandler()
    if(!document.forms.editform.wpSummary.value.replace(/^(?:\/\\*.*\\*\/)? *(.*) *$/,'$1'))
        alert("Please supply a meaningful summary of this edit");
        return false;

    // Do the automated reference checking.
    if (!refcontrolEditIsOkay()) return false;

    // An edit summary has been supplied, and the edit passes the automated reference checking.
    // So now do the SW/CP auto-prefixing.

    return true;


/* </nowiki></pre>

==Edit summary stuff==
<pre><nowiki> */

// Adapted from:

// The original value of the edit summary field is stored here
var editsummOriginalSummary = new String();

// A global ref to the dropdown with canned edit summaries
var editsummDropdown = null;

function editsummInitialize()
    // Save the original value of the edit summary field
    editsummOriginalSummary = document.forms.editform.wpSummary.value;

    // For convenience, add a dropdown box with some canned edit
    // summaries to the form.

    var dropdown = document.createElement("select");
    dropdown.onchange = new Function("editsummOnCannedSummarySelected()");

    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add categories");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add category");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add citation");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add external link");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add internal link");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add quotation");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add ref");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"add section");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"create redirect page");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"create stub article");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"delete external link");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"delete internal link");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"delete section");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix broken link");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix case");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix grammar");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix punctuation");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix quote marks");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"fix spelling");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"make existing text into link (wikify)");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"make link into plain text (dewikify)");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"move section");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"move unrefd material to talk page");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"new article");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"remove repetition");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"reorder links");
    editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,"start article");

    var insertBeforeThis = document.forms.editform.wpSummary.nextSibling;
    var theParent = insertBeforeThis.parentNode;

    // Store a global ref to it
    editsummDropdown = dropdown;

function editsummAddOptionToDropdown(dropdown,optionText)
    var option = document.createElement("option");
    var optionTextNode = document.createTextNode(optionText);

// There's a cross-browser issue when accessing the selected text:
// *In Firefox you can use: selectObj.value
// *In IE, you have to use: selectObj.options[selectObj.selectedIndex].text
// *The latter method also works in Firefox
function editsummOnCannedSummarySelected()
    var idx = editsummDropdown.selectedIndex;
    var canned = editsummDropdown.options[idx].text;

    var newSummary = editsummOriginalSummary;
    if (newSummary.length!=0) newSummary += " - ";
    newSummary += canned;
    document.forms.editform.wpSummary.value = newSummary;

// Prefix the edit summary with "SW" or "CP"
// depending on whether it's a SourceWatch or Congresspedia page.
// To determine this, look for a link to "Template:Congresspedia"
// on the edit page.
function editsummAddSubProjectPrefix()
    // Using the document.links array and the href prop seems to give
    // the best cross-browser results.
    var allAnchors = document.links;
    if (allAnchors)
        var prefix = "SW: ";
        for (i = 0; i < allAnchors.length; i++)
             var anchorHref = allAnchors[i].href;
             if (anchorHref)
                 if (anchorHref.indexOf('Template:Congresspedia') != -1)
                    prefix = "CP: ";

        document.forms.editform.wpSummary.value =
            prefix + document.forms.editform.wpSummary.value;

/* </nowiki></pre>
==References quality control stuff==

// The original value of the article editing field is stored here
var refcontrolOriginalArticleText = new String();

// Set up the ref quality control code.
function refcontrolInitialize()
    refcontrolOriginalArticleText = document.forms.editform.wpTextbox1.value;

// Only contains one check now, but will do other checks in the future.
function refcontrolEditIsOkay()
    // Make sure the contributor hasn't increased the number of links to Yahoo news articles.
    if (refcontrolEditContainsNewYahooNewsLinks()) return false;

    return true;

function refcontrolEditContainsNewYahooNewsLinks()
    var newArticleText = document.forms.editform.wpTextbox1.value;
    var re = new RegExp("","g");

    var originalYahooNewsLinks = refcontrolOriginalArticleText.match(re);
    if (originalYahooNewsLinks==null) originalYahooNewsLinks = new Array();

    var currentYahooNewsLinks = newArticleText.match(re);
    if (currentYahooNewsLinks==null) currentYahooNewsLinks = new Array();


    if (currentYahooNewsLinks.length > originalYahooNewsLinks.length)
        alert("Please do not use links to Yahoo! News stories in SourceWatch citations. This is because the link will very quickly become unavailable. For more information about this issue, and details of alternative locations where you can find the article you are trying to link to, please see the SourceWatch:References page.");
        return true;
        return false;

/* </nowiki></pre> */