Media manipulation in Colorado

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PM Media Actin Network - Media Plan for Colorado

This document, Philip Morris' (PM) Media Plan for Colorado was written by public relations firm Russell, Karsch & Hagen (Rk&H) in Denver, and states PM's plans:

"We will begin to reshape public opinion through the media..." and "...[W]e are confident we can continue to shift the media's view, and, ultimately the view of the general public...toward issues affecting the industry.

The PR company planned to develop a "War Book" of "key issues and message points we believe will be effective in Colorado."

PM operatives planned to join and infiltrate Colorado journalistic organizations with the aim of altering coverage of tobacco issues in Colorado. As stated in the document, they planned to "actively participate in a number of influential media organizations including, but not limited to, the Colorado Broadcasters Association and the Colorado Press Association." But the goal was to be more than just a member in these organizations. Rather, RK&H operatives planned to join these organizations' decision-making bodies on behalf of PM and use them to their benefit. The plan states:

[B]ecome actively involved in [these organizations'] key committee and decision-making positions to introduce and bolster our arguments inside the organizations so that they become an integral part of the institutional dialogue.

Other plans to influence journalism organizations included "scheduling industry speakers," "providing sponsorships," and "hosting hospitality suites."

In addition, a lot of "face time" was to be devoted to selected reporters, editors, news directors and editorial boards who were singled out as potentially influential:

We propose to select and visit key reporters, editors, news directors and arrange editorial board meetings when appropriate to discuss the issues which most affect their audiences...In effect, we will indirectly ask the media to help us tailor the issues and the argument to their local constituencies...

Date 19950315
Bates 2046117815/7820
Pages 6

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