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Meyer and Associates or Meyer Global Security, Inc. specializes in security for companies at risk to kidnapping, extortionists and terrorists.

In the Iraq War they provide security and protection for government organizations and private companies. Some of the services include executive protection, bodyguards, convoy escorts and risk management amenities as well as armored vehicles, helicopter transport, medical evacuation and rapid response. Meyer's Special Operations Group is staffed mainly by ex- US Army Special Forces, Rangers, Intelligence Operations, Marine Recon, Navy and Coast Guard Operators. They have operations in dozens of countries around the world, most heavily in Central and South America and the Middle East.


Contact Info

P.O. Box 1800
Joshua (DFW), TX 76058
Tel: [11] 817-426-1199
Fax: [11] 817-558-4868
Email: gdesmith AT

Contact in Iraq:
Tim Meyer or Gary DeSmith
Tel: 1-817-401-8142 or 1-817-821-8820
Email: tjmeyer AT or gdesmith AT