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Micah Network

"The aim of the Micah Network is to create a dynamic process that facilitates collaborative action in:

  • Strengthening the capacity of participating agencies to make a biblically-shaped response to the needs of the poor and oppressed.
  • Speaking strongly and effectively regarding the nature of the mission of the Church to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Christ to a world in need.
  • Prophetically calling upon and influencing the leaders and decision-makers of societies to "maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed and rescue the weak and needy".

"Micah Network is run under the guidance of a Co-ordinating Group, which has representative members from all continents. Our president is Rene Padilla, President Emeritus of Kairos Foundation, Argentina and the current chair is Steve Bradbury, National Director of TEAR Australia." [1]

Co-ordinating Group

Accessed August 2008: [2]


Web: http://community.micahnetwork.org

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