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Michael R. Marsollek is an associate (consultant) at Garick LLC.

"Involved in the fields of biomass and renewable energy for a number of years, Mike Marsollek has widespread knowledge on these topics. Prior to joining Garick in December 2007, Mr. Marsollek was Biomass Fuel Manager and Operations Staff Manager for Market Street Energy in St. Paul, Minneapolis. In this position, his primary responsibility was to build a fuel supply company that could handle the growing demands of the power plant.
"Additional positions Mr. Marsollek has held include a Project Engineer for Sears, Assistant Chief Engineer for Northwest Airlines, and Assistant Chief Engineer for Landmark Brewing Co. He began his engineering career in the United States Navy from 1987 – 1991. With the University of Minnesota, Mr. Marsollek completed a documentary on Renewable Energy for the Future; in addition, he has authored numerous articles on the topic of renewable fuel."[1]

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