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Michael Ware, a native of Brisbane, Australia, is CNN's Baghdad correspondent. Ware "has spent the past several years covering war zones for Time Magazine as well as Australia’s Channel 7. Until May of 2006 he was Baghdad Bureau Chief for Time," and, in May 2006, "joined CNN as part of their Baghdad team." [1]

Speaking of the sectarian violence in Iraq, on January 30, 2007, Anderson Cooper said "CNN's Michael Ware has spent years in Iraq watching things get to this point that he described as four separate wars unfolding at once."

"There are two types of war correspondent - those who stick to the circuit of military briefings, safe hotels and careful excursions into unstable areas, and those who throw themselves at the job with apparently reckless disregard for their own safety. Mike Ware is one of the latter. Writing from Afghanistan and Iraq for 'Time' magazine, he spent much of the past few years behind enemy lines, bringing back stories of the Taliban, Afghani war lords and, more recently, Iraqi insurgents," Andrew Denton wrote in July 2004 for Australia's ABC network.

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