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Michele Bohana "has spent over thirty years working on issues related to Asia, particularly Tibet and Burma. After nearly two decades of working on Tibet she became a founding Director of the International Campaign for Tibet, in 1988. As such, she was responsible for overseeing legislative initiatives, networking, policy and strategic planning and press activities and has testified before Congress on numerous occasions.

"Michele Bohana serves as the Director of The Institute for Asian Democracy (IAD) founded in 1991. IAD is a non-governmental organization that works to support the efforts of Asian democrats to achieve their political aspirations, based on the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. IAD works to strengthen the rights of Asians to live in free, just and democratic societies; facilitate transitions to democracy by nonviolent means; foster the intellectual climate that is essential to an understanding of individual freedoms; and encourage communication and shared action among democratic forces in the various Asian nations. The Institute also works to preserve and protect the unique cultural heritages of the region.

"Ms. Bohana represents Aung San Suu Kyi on the Peacejam Board, an educational organization comprised of Nobel Peace Laureates and is the recipient of awards for her work with refugees and Tibet. She currently serves as government advocate for the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health and Human Rights." [1]

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