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Michele Lynn Ballarin (aka Michele Lynn Golden-Ballarin)[1] is President and CEO of Select Armor, Inc. She also runs Cambridge Wealth Management Ltd. (aka Cambridge Asset Management),[2] a horse training and breeding business,[3] and offers her services in the Middleburg, VA area as a real estate agent.[4]

The fact that Michele Ballarin and Michele Golden-Ballarin are the same person is established beyond doubt by the WHOIS record for Cambridge Wealth Management Ltd. The domain is registered to Michele Golden-Ballarin, at the same postal box used by Select Armor (whose CEO is Michele Ballarin).[5]

A private military corp CEO praises "a gentler way of going about living"

Ballarin features in a 1997 article about Washington's snobby Green Book:

"We are very, very pleased," said Michele Golden-Ballarin, 42, who with her husband was finally listed in the 1998 edition after sponsoring polo parties for years from their home in Middleburg, Va. "It's wonderful to be cross-referenced with our friends and neighbors ... and supporters of equine sports."
Golden-Ballarin and her husband, who runs a private club in Georgetown, live in the mansion once owned by Civil War Gen. Turner Ashby -- a man so well-behaved around company he was dubbed the "Knight of the Confederacy." Golden-Ballarin wouldn't mind a few more Ashbys in the world, and says the Green Book is a testament to them. "The book symbolizes old ways of doing things which have really rattled against change," she said. "It symbolizes a gentler way of going about living."[6]

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