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Mike Gehrke is Executive Director of the Senate Majority Project.

ABC News' The Note reported September 7, 2005, that Democratic National Committee Research Director Mike Gehrke "has accepted the opportunity to be the executive director of the 'Senate Majority Project,' the 527 Jim Jordan formed earlier this year."

In April 2004, Gehrke was hired by presidential candidate John Kerry. Previously, Gehrke was a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) aide "whom Jim Jordan brought with him to the campaign." [1]


According to his The Huffington Post profile, "Mike Gehrke served as the Research Director for the DNC, the DSCC, John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign and for the White House under President Bill Clinton. He has also staffed campaigns for the AFL-CIO and advised local and statewide campaigns in Louisiana, Colorado, Utah, Tennessee and Kentucky. He is currently the Executive Director of the Senate Majority Project." [2]

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