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Mike Kaye "has been working in the human rights field for more than 15 years and currently manages Anti-Slavery International’s communications and advocacy work.

"His previous jobs have included teaching in the University of Central America (Nicaragua); human rights field work in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico; Policy Officer for the Central America Human Rights Committees; and Parliamentary Officer for the Refugee Council.

"Recent publications include: Mike Kaye, Contemporary forms of slavery in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Anti-Slavery International, London, 2006; Mike Kaye, 1807-2007: Over 200 years of campaigning against slavery, Anti-Slavery International, London 2005; Mike Kaye, The Migration-Trafficking Nexus: Combating trafficking through the protection of migrants’ human rights, Anti-Slavery International, London 2003; Mike Kaye and Chandra Roy, The International Labour Organization: A handbook for Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, Minority Rights Group/Anti Slavery International, London, 2002; Mike Kaye, Forced Labour in the 21st Century, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions/Anti-Slavery International, London, 2001." [1]

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