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Mike Paul is the President of MGP & Associates PR, a small New York-based PR company he founded in 1994.

Paul counts amongst his clients the conservative Black evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson's High-Impact Leadership Coalition. In late 2005 Bill Berkowitz called Paul and, after introducing himself as working as a journalist for WorkingForChange.com, asked about his work for the coalition. After stating "national public relations", Paul asked Berkowitz to restate who he was working for. After Berkowitz told him once more Paul said "Look, I'm in a car trying to help out a liberal rag. I deal with big media outlets, and your rag is probably seen by only a handful of people. This phone call is done. I gave you my answer. Have a good day." [1]

Contact details

MGP & Associates PR
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2620
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212 595 8500
Fax: 212 504 7964
Blog: http://www.mgppr.com/mikepaulblog.htm (not currently active)

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