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Military Families Voice for Victory (MFVOV), a conservative anti- antiwar group co-founded in 2005 by Ray and Rebecca Davis, was "designed to give America’s military and its families a collective voice and an on-line vehicle through which to voice their support of America in the terror war. MFVV also keeps tabs on terror groups, as well as on radical left wing groups that seek to undermine America’s effort to defeat terrorism." MFVOV's "goals are to expose the radical left for who they are: the allies to the terrorists" and to "give good solid facts on why we are in this war and why completing the mission in Iraq is so critical to winning the War on Terror. And last but not least to gather military families in a united voice, without political ties, to show support for our troops and the war they fight."[1]


MFVOV states on its website that it is "comprised of families of our Military" and that it is "non-partisan, non-political but we voice opinions of support or failure in regards to any individual politician, political party or media service."[2].

Contact information

P.O. Box 3323
Brewer, Maine 04412-4495
Phone: 207 299-4495

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