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Mindset Segments

This 1991 R.J. Reynolds marketing document offers what is described as "psychographic data" on smokers. It attempts to draw a picture of the personalities of people who smoke various cigarette brands, in order to determine how to market to them.

Some of the categories RJR uses to classify smokers in this document:

  • Sensation Seeker
  • Contemporary Flashy
  • Ambitious Working Class
  • Well-rounded Striver
  • Socially Conscious
  • Passive Old Reliable
  • Frustrated Blue Collar
  • Blue Collar Low End
  • Blue Collar Big Spender
  • Passive Aggressive Female
  • Lively, Taste-Oriented Female
  • Actively Concerned Female

Descriptions of smokers aren't necessarily complimentary. For example, the "Passive-Aggressive Female Mindset" believes that "Life isn't fair to women." She is frustrated, lacks inner resources, emulates males, likes junk food, feels she has little control over her fate, is mainly negative about the future and smokes brands like Marlboro, Camel and Winston.

The "Frustrated Blue Collar Mindset" has low self-esteem and doesn't feel manly because he's not a good breadwinner. He is disappointed with life, and may be an overweight, sedentary beer drinker. According to RJR, this man "wants a strong, masculine cigarette to compensate for personal inadequacies." He also "may be attracted to Camel because the fantasy/adventure gives hope of escaping from a bleak lifestyle."

Date 19910103
Bates 510320848/0876
Collection RJ Reynolds
Pages 29
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/qkg63d00

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