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Mohammed Siddiq "is a native of Saudi Arabia and a resident of Nebraska where he completed his Ph.D. studies in Political Science at the University of Nebraska. Mr. Siddiq spent sixteen years working for the Saudi government, serving as Private Aide to the Chief Academic Executive Officer, Acting Secretary to the Board of Trustees at the College of Petroleum and Minerals, and Administrative Assistant to the Director of Research and Development Center at the College of Economics & Administration, King Abdulaziz University. He spent his last few years in Saudi Arabia as a Public Affairs lecturer at King Abdulaziz University. Here in the US, Mr. Siddiq is a freelance writer (the author of four books) and human rights activist. He is personally committed to exposing the degree of inequality and injustice in the Saudi governmental system and to establishing a new democratic system. Mr. Siddiq has also lived in Pakistan and Lebanon." [1]

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