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"People, like horses, perform much better if they are willing partners rather than obedient participants. At the heart of Monty’s methods is a belief that with trust you will gain cooperation, that with listening you will spark motivation...

"Corporate executives, educators, psychologists and experts who work with victims and violent victimizers, autistic children or in the field of substance abuse, study Monty’s methods to learn how they might apply these same trust-based communication and training principles to their own work. In Monty’s experience with over 250 major companies ... he has seen the same dynamics at work, time and time again." [1]   However critical researchers have noted the key place of fear in Roberts' methods: "Although it is appealing to think that horses in the round pen choose to follow their trainers because they are responding to us as though we are a horse, we believe that the use of fear has no place in genuinely humane and ethical horse training." [2] news article   Queen Elizabeth II is a patron of his organization Join-Up International.

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Example of Corporate Endorsement

“What (Monty) achieves with a horse is a metaphor for a style of management – employees will produce exceptional results if they are treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.” ~ Clive Warrilow, CEO and President of Volkswagen North America [3]

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