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Moshe Schnitzer was the grandfather of Dan Gertler. Moshe "was known in Israel as “Mr. Diamond;” in youth he joined the pre-state underground organization Etzel (Irgoun), an Israeli military cell self-defined as an “untra-nationationalist Jewish militia,” but one that committed acts of terrorism in service to the Israeli cause. Moshe Schnitzer assumed a major role in the Africa-Israeli diamond trade in the 1950’s in a partnership business called Schnitzer-Greenstein. Schnitzer later founded the Israel Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv in 1960, which today brings Israel $14 billion annually in blood business, and is the country’s second-largest industry, but Israel’s top export. King Leopold III of Belgium decorated Schnitzer in recognition of his activities favoring the close relationship of Belgium, Israel and the DeBeers diamond cartels, and Schnitzer was also President of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in Israel." [1]

"Moshe Schnitzer one of the founding fathers of the Israeli Diamond Industry, past chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute, and honorary president of the Israel Diamond Exchange and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, died Thursday night [2007]. He was 86.

"He is survived by his three children, Hanna Gertler, Etty Yovel, and Shmuel Schnitzer and their families. His wife Varda died in 2002. His son Shmuel also served as president of the IDE and of the WFDB. The family diamond firm he established, M. Schnitzer & Co., continues to be an important member of the Israel Diamond Exchange...

"In 2004 Schnitzer was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for his life’s work in making a special contribution to the State of Israel and Israeli society. The official announcement of the prize stated: “Moshe Schnitzer is identified more than anyone else with the Israel diamond industry, and his vision and personality have contributed greatly to Israel’s stature in the world. … For the past 60 years, Schnitzer has been the highest-ranking ambassador of the diamond industry.”

"Schnitzer’s funeral was held on Friday. It began at the Israel Diamond Exchange compound, where he was eulogized by former Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Mayor of Ramat Gan Zvi Bar, IDE president Avi Paz, Israel Diamond Institute chairman Moti Ganz, past vice president of the Diamond Exchange Bumi Traub, his daughter Hanna Gertler and son Shmuel Schnitzer. He was buried in the Nahalat Itzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv." [2]

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