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Nataliya Alekseevna Narotchnitskaya (Russian: Наталия Алексеевна Нарочницкая) (born December 23, 1948) is a Russian politician, historian and diplomat. Between 1982 and 1989 Natalia Narochnitskaya worked at the Secretariat-General of the United Nations in New York. In January 2008, Narochnitskaya was appointed director of the Paris-based Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. wiki

"A frequent commentator in the Russian mass media on international affairs, Natalia Narochnitskaya was a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from 2003 to 2007, where she represented the Rodina (Motherland) Party. She was Vice-Chairman of the Dumas Foreign Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Committee for the Study of the Practice and Implementation of Human Rights and Civil Liberties; and a member of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. From 1982 to 1989 she worked at the Secretariat-General of the United Nations in New York.

"She is president of the Foundation for Historical Outlook in Moscow. This prominent think-tank publishes an on-line newspaper, "Stoletie", and a scholarly journal, "Perspektivy". She has a doctorate in history and is a graduate of the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow. For many years she worked at the Institute of World Economics and International Relations in the Russian Academy of Sciences... Natalia Narochnitskaya is active in the Russian Orthodox Church and is known for her strong defence both of Russian national interests and also of good relations between Russia and Europe. She speaks English, French and German."[1]


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