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"Natella Speranskay focuses on post-modern philosophy and proto-fascist intellectuals of the 1930s, such as Julius Evola and George Bataille. She has led the Moscow Network Headquarters of the Eurasianist Union of Youth (ESM) since May 2011. Speranskay also serves as a coordinator of the Russian School of Neo-Platonism aiming to operationalize Platonic and neo-Platonist philosophy in the context of conservative political philosophy. She is also head of the Laboratory for the Study of Imagination. At the Centre for Conservative Research she has conducted research on theater, dance, and art history, studied Corbin’s theory of the philosophy of religion, and interpreted imagination through the perspectives of Eurasianism and sociology. Speranskay is also involved in developing programming for a new Internet TV political news program GRA (Global Revolutionary Alliance) News.” [1]

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  1. Eurasianism and the European Far Right: Reshaping the Europe–Russia Relationship, p.66.