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Now known as Symphony Natural Health.

"NHI’s founders are made up of a management team and group of investors who see the potential to make a paradigm shift in healthcare. Collectively, we believe that integrating a healthcare company both vertically (controlling supply, manufacture and distribution) and horizontally (integrating orthodox, complementary and wellness philosophies) will create the optimal synergistic foundation to support the delivery of products, services and education of the highest quality. This integration means a healthcare company for the entire population, with the capacity to treat, cure and more importantly prevent disease. There by improve the health of the next generation and keep its customers well for all their lives...

"This holistic ideology evolves through our intent to treat the whole person, addressing nutrition, exercise, environment as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. These themes of nourishing the foundation to support holistic health are consistent throughout our company, and are fostered by education and the modes of action of our entire product range.." [1]

Medical Team

Accessed June 2015: [2]


NHI consists of over twenty strategic investors, including seven doctors and [3]



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