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"The first Natural Medicine magazine was published in October 2000, and one big change has to be the cover and the quality of the images. The early articles were difficult to read, containing medical jargon few lay readers understood. The challenge was to ask the authors (all medical professionals) to write in lay terms. They often objected, saying their peers would read their article and think they didn’t have the knowledge to express themselves using scientific terminology, so they tended to insist on the medical jargon staying in, and I had to define all the difficult bits in brackets! In the early stages, Natural Medicine was mistakenly seen by some readers as a publication with ‘a pill for an ill solution’, because of its name and cover. We now have clearly defined sections in the magazine, dedicated to the most significant aspects of health, such as NATURAL NUTRITION, IMPROVING HEALTH, NATURAL LIVING, NATURAL REMEDIES, NATURAL THERAPIES, and the MIND-BODY-SOUL connection...

"The forerunner to Natural Medicine was published 16 years ago and was called The Complementary Medicine Journal. It was the mouthpiece of SACMA (South African Complementary Medical Association). After three years, the current editor and publisher, Daleen Totten, decided to launch the magazine to the public, together with co-founder Dr Bernard Brom. A 54-page saddle-stitched quarterly journal emerged, dedicated to provide professional, well-researched and objective information. Daleen remembers: ‘We managed to feature 18 articles within those 54 pages! It was difficult to cram all the articles in. There was very little white space, and the images were small. Our 6th issue was 102 pages and our first hard-back! Our print-run was 5 000 copies, creeping up to the 10 000 mark as we went bi-monthly with issue 18.’" [1]

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