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Nenad Belcevic "is a trainer of the Center for Non-violent Resistance. From 1999 to 2002 he worked in movement Otpor (later People’s Movement Otpor), first as a member of Press Service Team and later as a trainer. He also worked as a Project Officer in European Scout Office in Belgrade. He has successfully finished different courses about Public Relations, Media and Political Activism both in Serbia and abroad. He currently accomplishes his studies of International Relations on the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade.

"He has gained training experience through engaging in number of projects and workshops organized across Serbia (including Kosovo), Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus supported by different national and international organizations, foundations and political parties (OSCE, Freedom House, Westminster, Freidrich Neuman, Friedrich Ebert, Alfred Mozer, Jan Jarés Foundation etc ). His favorite training themes and topics are “Public Relations”, “Media”, “Campaigns and Street Activities” and “Team Building”. He is a MENSA member." [1]

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