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The government funded Netherlands Genomics Initiative describes itself thus: 'NGI leads a clearly focused national genomics strategy aimed at capturing a leading position in scientific and industrial genomics within the next five years. NGI is a taskforce affiliated with the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and operates with a large degree of autonomy.' [1]

NGI also has a program that hopes to ensure acceptation by the society of genomics research and applications. According to NGI: 'Genomics offers incredible potential for both individuals and for society at large. From unlocking new diagnoses and treatments for disease, to delivering innovative products for industrial uses, nutrition and food production, genomics holds the key for improving our lives in many ways.' [2] Of its 300 million euro budget it funds the Centre for Society and Genomics.


  • Peter Folstar, Director, Phone: +31 70 344 0676, Email: folstar AT
  • Gijs van der Starre, Manager public affairs and societal issues, Phone: +31 70 344 0790, Email: starre AT
  • Bernard de Geus, Manager Centres of Excellence, Phone: +31 70 344 0804, Email: geus AT
  • Wendy Overvliet, Secretary, Phone: +31 70 344 0942, Email: overvliet AT
  • Wouter Spek, Manager innovation and international affairs, Phone: +31 70 344 0815, Email: spek AT
  • Jiske den Hollander, Secretary, Phone: +31 70 344 0850, Email: hollander AT


'It is funded by five national ministries of the Dutch government: Education, Culture and Science (OC&W); Economic Affairs (EZ); Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality (LNV); Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS); and Spatial Planning, Housing and the Environment (VROM).' [3]

Case study

The NGI together with Nederlands Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) announces the publication of GenomiX, a magazine that 'introduces genomics by the youth in a modern way.' [4] The aim is to 'increase elementary scientific knowledge of the youth.' 700.000 issues have been folded into mainstream youth magazines. This way NGI hopes to reach 75 percent of the youngsters between 12 and 14 years old. Although NGI makes the magazine sound objective by using terms like 'information' and 'scientific knowledge', the NGI is clearly a genomics promoting organisation as their mission statement reveals. In addition to the GenomiX magazine the NGI launched the website aimed at the same group of young people. Without disclosing the evident pro-genomics attitude of the makers, the website provides a seemingly neutral, flashy and spectacular view on genomics.


Visiting address:
Laan van Nieuw Oost Indië 334
2593 CE The Hague, The Netherlands

Postal address:
P.O. Box 93035
2509 AA The Hague, The Netherlands

Telephone +31 70 344 0672 or +31 70 344 0640
Fax +31 70 344 0632
Email: info AT