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Nicolee Ambrose is a member of Fix Our Future, a group created to support the Bush administration's attempt to privatize Social Security. Ambrose is candidate for chairman of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). [1]


"Nicolee Ambrose is Chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans and the Secretary of the Young Republican National Federation, Inc. In Maryland, Nicolee and her team have built an extremely successful Young Republican organization. In the past two years, the MYRs have doubled the number of counties chartered and were particularly effective in contributing to the 2004 election efforts through the 72 Hour Program and STOMP. In 1999, she rejuvenated the Baltimore Area Young Republicans club, turning it into the most effective club in the state and growing it from 10 members to 250 in nine months. In 2002, she organized the largest county-level grassroots organization in the state to elect the first statewide Republican ticket since 1966.

"Nicolee's contributions to building the Maryland Republican Party have been widely recognized in Maryland. In 1999 and 2000, Nicolee served as Young Republican Chair of Maryland Youth Team for George W. Bush. In 2000, then-Congressman and current Governor Bob Ehrlich gave Nicolee a Congressional Recognition Award for her work bringing young professionals into the political process. In 2001, then state party Chair Michael Steele awarded Nicolee the Chairman's Award of Special Merit. In 2003, Nicolee was elected Chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans and Secretary of the Young Republican National Federation. In 2004, Governor Ehrlich selected Nicolee as a Delegate from Maryland's 3rd Congressional District to the Republican National Convention. In this race, Nicolee went on to win the largest vote share in her Congressional district. Nicolee also serves on the Maryland Republican Party's Executive Committee.

"Since 2000, Nicolee has served as a Baltimore City Commissioner for Architectural and Historical Preservation. Professionally, Nicolee serves as a Presidential Appointee. In 2002, she came to the Bush Administration from an American Express financial advising practice, where she won the 2000 Top Achiever of the Year and the 1999 American Express Mercury Award.

"Nicolee simultaneously attended The Johns Hopkins University, where she received a B.A. in International Relations, and Peabody Conservatory of Music, where she received a B.M. in Vocal Performance. The Baltimore Sun called Nicolee the most inspiring 1996 graduate of Johns Hopkins. She later earned her Master of Music at Arizona State University. In 1998, she accepted the Best Opera award from the National Opera Association for her lead role as Hansel in Hansel und Gretel."

Source: Team Ambrose website. [2]

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