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{{#Badges:CoalSwarm|navbar-Indiacoal}}North Chennai power station is a 1,830-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Tamil Nadu, India, which is owned and operated by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO).


The plant is located at Ennore village.

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The power station comprises three 210 megawatt coal-fired units with which were commissioned between 1994 and 1996, as well as two 600 MW units commissioned in 2013.[1]

Coal supply

Coal for the power station is supplied from Mahanadhi Coalfields Limited (Talchar & IB Valley) in Orissa and Eastern Coalfields Limited at Ranikanj in West Bengal.[2]

TANGEDCO consumes approximately 16 million tonnes of coal a year in its existing coal-fired power stations. Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. and Eastern Coalfields Ltd. supply 13.5 Million tonnes per annum with the remainder "mainly" imported from Indonesia. The coal is transported by rail from the coal mines to the loading ports namely Haldia, Paradip and Vizag and discharged at Ennore Port and Tuticorin Port. Coal for the North Chennai Thermal Power Station is carried via a conveyer belt from the adjoining Ennore port.[3]


Two 600 MW units (Stage II) were added to the power station in 2013.[4]

Tamil Nadu Generation & Distribution Corporation applied for a terms of reference for another 800 MW unit (Stage III) in 2012,[5] with a proposed completion date of December 2017.[6]

As of August 2014 the company reports that "various studies for obtaining EC are underway."[7] An EIA was submitted in May 2015,[8] and environmental clearance was granted in January 2016.[9]

According to the India CEA (October 2016), initial prepatory work toward construction has begun.[10] However, as of March 2017 full-scale construction does not appear to have begun.[11] In September 2017 it was reported that boiler erection works had begun in August 2017, and construction of the compound wall for the project was under progress. It is planned for commissioning in 2019,[12] although having just begun physical construction in 2017, the commissioning timeline seems unlikely.

Environmental impacts

A 2014 study of coal plants in Southeast India documented extensive environmental impacts from the North Chennai Thermal Power Station, including dumping of large quantities of coal combustion waste into the Buckingham Canal and in nearby marshlands, leaking ash ponds, and discharge of hot water into Ennore Creek. The impacts have been especially felt by local fishing communities, which have protested the expansion of the plant. Additional impacts have been caused by dredging associated with Ennore Port, which supplies coal to the plant.[13] Environmental activists are demanding that construction on the third phase of the North Chennai Thermal Power Station in Ennore be halted since there is a wide variety of wildlife within the area of the plant that is at risk from continued construction. It is planned for 2019-2020.[14]

Project Details for expansion

Sponsor: Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation
Location: Ennore & Puzhudivakkam villages, Penneri taluk, Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 13.253013, 80.327804 (exact)

  • Stage II, Unit 1: 600 MW
  • Stage II, Unit 2: 600 MW
  • Stage III, Unit 1: 800 MW


  • Stage II, Unit 1: operating - commissioned March 2013
  • Stage II, Unit 2: operating - commissioned September 2013[15]
  • Stage III, Unit 1: Construction (planned for 2019)

Type: Subcritical
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits and applications:

Contact details

North Chennai T.P.S,
Thiruvallur (District)
Phone No. 044-27950061
Fax No. 044-27950074
e mail : cenctps AT

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