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BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Inside the marble-floored palace hall that serves as the press office of the U.S.-led coalition, Republican Party operatives lead a team of Americans who promote mostly good news about Iraq. [1]

Dan Senor, a former press secretary for Spencer Abraham, the former Michigan Republican senator who's now energy secretary, heads the office packed with former Bush campaign workers, political appointees and ex-Capitol Hill staff members.
More than one-third of the U.S. civilian workers in the press office have GOP ties, running an enterprise that critics see as an outpost of Bush's re-election effort.
One of the main goals of the Office of Strategic Communications -- known as Stratcom -- is to ensure Americans see the positive side of the Bush administration's invasion, occupation and reconstruction of Iraq, where 610 U.S. troops have died and a deadly insurgency thrives.

From April 5, 2004, AP article"Coalition press office is heavy with Republicans" by Jim Krane.

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