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Ohio News Network is a Columbus, Ohio cable television station.

Station Owner

The Dispatch Broadcast Group

Use of Video News Releases and/or Satellite Media Tours

In the 6am news bulletin on January 31, 2006 the station broadcast an uncut but re-voiced video news release (VNR) produced by Medialink Worldwide for Siemens AG on the car cockpit of the future. [1]

Response to Report

The Columbus Dispatch reported: [2]

ONN News Director Greg Fisher acknowledged using the video news release, and said, "There should have been proper disclosure on the screen."
Although such materials can have a place when used appropriately, Fisher said, the cable-news network's policy is not to use them without informing viewers of the source.
"It is worth noting that the information did air on a lifestyle, non-news portion of a program called Technology Tuesday," he added. "But, again, we should have been employing proper disclosure on screen."

Contact Details

The Ohio News Network
770 Twin Rivers Drive
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-280-3600
Fax: 614-280-3615
Web: http://www.onnnews.com/

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