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Oliver Morton Hybrid Vigor Institute Fellow.

"Morton, a Hybrid Vigor Fellow since 2000, is currently the chief news and features editor at Nature. Previously, he was a contributing editor at WIRED and a contributing author to the New Yorker, Discover, Newsweek International, and Talk; to the journals Nature and Science; to the newspapers The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal; and, to the magazines New Scientist and Prospect. He has previously been the editor-in-chief of Wired UK, special features editor and science and technology editor at The Economist, and managing editor of The Daily Davos, a Newsweek website covering the World Economic Forum's annual meetings. Morton is also the author of the widely acclaimed Mapping Mars (St. Martin's Press, 2002). His most recent book, Eating the Sun: How Light Powers the Planet, will be released in July 2007 by Fourth Estate.“ [1]

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