Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

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Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

"The mission of the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy is, as its name suggests, two fold: - the promotion of Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, as well as the promotion of Democracy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip." [1]


In 2000 they received a $21,000 from the NED "To undertake a three-day training of trainers program for twelve participants, who will design training and educational materials, and will organize and hold twenty workshops for young adults in the West Bank on their role in the formal political process." In 2001 they received a further grant of $22,500 "To hold 24 one-day workshops for youth on strategies to increase their participation in the decision-making process, and within political parties, as part of the overall long run transition to democracy." In 1998 they received a grant from the Westminster Foundation of 7,196 British pounds "To fund a programme to prepare the women of the northern part of the West Bank during June and July 1998 for the municipal elections scheduled for August 1998. The programme will be run by the Palestinian Centre for peace and Democracy." [3]

"In June 2000, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) in Ramallah agreed on a project to enhance the political role of Palestinian women. It has since been extended to 2005. Participants are motivated to play a bigger part in social life and in existing organisations, thus helping to reshape politics, particularly in view of a future Palestinian state.

"The project includes numerous workshops and publications in Palestinian regions. The results of these workshops are published by the PCPD. In spite of the tense political and security situation, especially since the beginning of the "Second Intifada", the participants have been able to continue their work.

"The project concentrates on areas particularly important for a democratic and pluralistic development of equal opportunity and sexual equality. It is necessary to promote equal opportunity and democratic dialogue in order to discuss and solve intra-Palestinian issues and problems. To achieve conflict resolution, civil-societal structures have to be established and supported. This project helps empower women to take their rightful place in society and voice their demands and opinions publicly." [4]


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