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Panorama- the Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy & Community Development "was established in 1991 in Jerusalem . The center works to contribute to community development, and to promote issues that are related to the relationship between the citizen and the society, as a means to build a pluralistic Palestinian civil society.

"Panorama is a non- governmental, non- profit organization that runs its programs through three offices in Ramallah, Jerusalem , and Gaza . Our programs and activities aim to raise the awareness of the Palestinian people on democratic concepts, and notions of the civil society." [1]

"Respectively Panorama is a steering committee member of the World Movement for Democracy, the most prestigious and important world network for democracy institutions and activism and member of CIVICUS. Regionally Panorama is steering committee member of the Euro-Arab NGO Network on Development (READI) based in Madrid, and steering committee member of Carta Mediterranean, a Mediterranean network intends to promote peace and cooperation among the Mediterranean countries. Panorama is the Palestinian coordinating office of the International Alliance for Arab-Israeli Peace, a regional initiative to promote peace. Panorama has initiated a collective effort to establish MENA Democracy Network to support democracy efforts at the Arab level. Panorama currently is member of the Arab NGO Network hoping to expand its role and networking at the Arab level in the next few years." [2]


They have received NED aid in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. [3]

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