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Partners Worldwide "is a (501C 3 non profit) faith-based international partnership of business and professional people who want to follow Jesus Christ in eliminating poverty and transforming lives. Our approach is to grow businesses and create jobs in areas of need, through the following activities:

  • Developing Business Partnerships;
  • Offering Business Mentoring and Training;
  • Increasing Access to Capital;
  • and Advocating on Behalf of the Poor [1]


Partners Worldwide website notes that: [2]

"In 1994, a group of North American Christian businesspeople visited a working community development project in Africa. The project was developed by the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC); a community development agency. These individuals had supported the CRWRC organization for most of their lives. On this tour they saw and learned the issues and challenges facing people in developing countries. They witnessed the poverty, lack of adequate food, health care, shelter, clothing, education, and, more significantly, the loss of hope and dignity. As they discussed what they saw, one thing became clear: in these communities there was a high rate of unemployment or under-employment that affected the entire community.
"The Lord convicted this group to go beyond financial contributions, to become personally involved in the work. Stewardship was not just about finances, it was about all the gifts God had given them; gifts of business skills, management expertise, technological resources, encouragement and mentoring. They along with the CRWRC, determined to start an organization that would encourage business and professional people to become involved in job and business creation in developing countries or areas where unemployment is a critical issue.
"They formally established Partners for Christian Development [Partners Worldwide] in 1997. God has blessed their efforts and dedication. Lives are being changed daily. People are growing spiritually and professionally. People are sharing in stewardship and in technology. Partnerships have developed, and relationships are being built between Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.
"In late 2004 we felt God calling us to expand our business ministry. It was through this calling that we were led to choose a new name that better reflected our mission and purpose. In January of 2005 we changed our name to Partners Worldwide. Our new name better identifies ourselves to the business world and identifies our work as a global ministry."

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