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Professor Paul Klemperer, an advisory board member of OILspace, is the "Edgeworth Professor of Economics at Oxford University's Nuffield College, [and] one of the world's most respected auction theorists. Most recently, Professor Klemperer was the principal auction theorist advising the British government for the auction of its third generation mobile phone license spectrum. The auction, completed in April [2003], raised GBP22.5 billion (US$32.6 billion) for the UK Exchequer, nearly five times more than the amount initially anticipated by the government, analysts and market forecasters.

"In addition to his role as economics professor at Oxford, Professor Klemperer regularly advises governments and major corporations. He has advised the United States Federal Trade Commission on cases involving mergers and competition policy, and consulted with a number of the world's largest companies, including in the oil industry, on how to effectively implement auctions and auction theory into their business strategies. Professor Klemperer holds a Ph.D. in Economics and an M.B.A. from Stanford University and graduated with honors from Cambridge University with a B.A. in Engineering."