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Paul William Moran (born May 30, 1963) was a freelance television camerman. On March 22, 2003, while on contract with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Moran was killed by a suicide bomber in northern Iraq.

After his death, the Adelaide Advertiser reported that Moran also worked for the Rendon Group, a secretive public relations firm that works with the Pentagon. Now additional information has come to light showing that Moran played an important role with the Iraqi National Congress (INC), a PR front created by Rendon, in feeding stories to the press about Iraq's alleged weapons programs from Iraqi defector Adnan Ihsan Saeed al Haideri.

"The man who helped orchestrate publicity for al-Haideri was Zaab Sethna, media spokesman for the INC," reports John Hosking. "Sethna spent more than a decade working in and around Iraq. Much of it with his Australian mate Paul Moran. After the INC helped al Haideri escape from Iraq, it was Paul Moran who was called in to do the one television interview that would go around the world."

In October 2003 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation aired a tribute to Moran. "It's true that he was unwittingly involved in, I guess what could be called a propaganda operation in the early 90's, but people must remember he didn't know that," says Zaab Sethna, Moran's colleague at the Iraqi National Congress. [1]

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